​The Ascended Masters have always played a massive role in raising the vibration of Humanity. From the Mystery Schools in Egypt, to the Mystical Societies of Tibet, to the Knights of the Round-Table, and the Yogis of India (and so forth) these enlightened souls have held the planets vibration intact, allowing for our planet to survive through the dark periods of Earths History.

As our Planet enters a new universal cycle of the feminine, the path of self-mastery is not just open for a few select souls, but the entire species as we prepare for the time of enlightened societies. Through this Now time and the guidance of the Ascended Beings, Masters of Light was created to unleash ones’ inner mastery in a playful, creative way with your family and friends.


We are now in the time of group consciousness. We no longer find divinity in mere solitude, but in the presence of spiritual groups. Masters of Light was developed as a tool to activate group consciousness. What makes this board-game so powerful is that we join our hearts together and evolve in our collective presence. This is the beauty of the Ascended Masters Oracle Board-Game Masters of Light.

Alongside the 33 Ascended Masters, each player is guided into the 144 category cards that provides thought provoking questions, heart-based activities and wisdom to help you evolve.

The Board-Game and 33 Master Oracle Cards contain Stunning Artwork from Visionary Artists from around the world. These artists, joined together to bring this vision of Masters of Light into reality.

​This will be a unique
game playing experience……..



“I felt so much closer to the people I was playing with. I felt heart centered, and felt incredible release, people were in tears with so much connection.”
– Grace Slocan


“It was the best board-game I have ever played. It was enlightening, it was revelatory.”
– Ryan Michael Kelly

“We had a spontaneous gathering last night and ended up playing this all for the first time and we played for hours. Nothing short of miraculous. It was so beautiful.”
– Sidney Johnston


“Playing the game was an uplifting experience that helped me see my life through my heart.”
– Selena Moon

About the Creator

Hi My name is Karuna and I am the creator of Masters of Light. In 2009, I began to travel around the world with little possessions or plans. These travels which I dubbed “trips of faith” took me to all 4 corners of the world connecting me with many sacred sites, experiences and spiritual masters that opened my heart, wisdom and evolution.

Through these life experiences, I was inspired to create Masters of Light to bring families, friends and loved ones together. The intention is for players to be inspired, serve others and release their greatness into the world in a playful way. Life is precious and many of us can go our entire lives never attempting to go after our dreams. Masters of Light is this tool to open the doorways of inspiration and bring loved ones closer than ever before.

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